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            Abe Lincoln Statue

      Angels Standing/Kneeling

                     Angel Walking

                   Apple 8'

                Bald Eagle 14'

     Bald Eagle on Rock

     FIberglass Bear Statues

                   Grizzly Bear

               Black Bear standing

        Black Bear walking

             Polar Bear

                             Beer Stein

Custom Fiberglass Bunnies

         Bison/Buffalo Various Sizes

             Open Book (over sized)

                 Blue Jay/Cardinal

            Boots 8'/  6'/  1 8"/   9"

                        Bucking Bull

Big/Tall/Giant Fiberglass Statue

                          Black Bull

  Fiberglass Brutus/Buckeye

             Hereford Bull

           Stock Exchange Bull

                   Longhorn Bull




     Camel, Buffalo w/calf, Lion



                      Chess Piece/knight

      Giant Playground Caterpillar

      Rooster/Chicken Sign

  Chicken with Playground Egg

    Huge Christmas Ornaments

                   Milk Cow

           Giant Coffee Cup

           Fiberglass City Seal

              Milk Cow w/calf

                 Cow Bench


            Giant Cowboy

Custom Store Front Display

    Huge/Giant Fiberglass Statue

            Deer Family

                           Horse Bench

        Mary Engelbreit w/ Butterfly

                  Sinclair Dinosaur

 Huge Dinosaur (Baluchithere)

DOGS .... Life-size and Huge

   Big Duck ... w/fiberglass objects


     Children's Zoo Playground Eggs

Big Ducks ... floating/landing

                        Big Elephant

                     Baby Elephant

                         Life-size Elk

           Falcon ... 14' wingspread

 Big Fisherman ... Eastport, Maine

                                             7' Bass

                 Big Nemo  for Sign

                          6' tall Fish

     Foals ... standing, reclining, prancing

            Big fiberglass Gnome

   Packard Goddess of Speed


       Gnomes ... 5' tall & 18"


    Guitar Sign ... 7' Fender 'Strat' 

               Giant Golf Ball on Tee

       Big fiberglass Hammer for sign

Guitar sign 10' Gibson 'Chet Adkins'

 10' Fender 'Stratocasters'


 Guitar  10' Gibson 'Les Paul'

               Fiberglass Hearts

              Animal Head Mounts

     Hereford Bull and Milk Cow

              Fiberglass Horse Statues

      University of Iowa Herky

                    Horse 'Shoe'

            Horse head mounts

                  Childs Playground Horse

            Fiberglass Pegasus Horse

      Life-size fiberglass Indians

                 Fiberglass Jockey

                           Ice Cream Cone

  Fiberglass Statue of Liberty & Liberty Bell

     Fiberglass Ice Cream Cone

        Lighthouses ... 10' &  3'

         Lion Drinking Fountain

            Lions ... Reclining & Walking


                     Giant Lobster

    Fiberglass Locomotive Train Engine

     Longhorn Steer ... life-size and Huge

             Longhorn Wall Plaque

        Mack Truck    Statues for Signage

            Manatee Statue w/baby

              Fiberglass Mermaid

                 Mold Making

Miniature Horses & Hereford

            Table-top Statues

       Life-size Moose, Bear, Wolf, Bald Eagle

           Mountain Lion / Catamount



          Miniature Golf Statues


             Fiberglass Peacock

        Big Pig ... Chef / Barbeque


                  Big Piggy Banks


         Pigs ... Life-size & Bigger

        Life-size Fiberglass Pirates

             C5-a ... fiberglass Plane

              Over-sized Poodles

         Prairie Chicken Display

                     Puffin ... 6' tall

      Reindeer ... for Parade Float

 Roping Calf for Sheplers Store

   Saddle Stands for Western Store

         Reindeer                   Cranes

            Fiberglass Scary Trees

  Loggerhead Sea Turtle on Belly

       Loggerhead Sea Turtle  Swimming

                Carousel Horse


      Fiberglass Shark ... 11' long

                   Walrus, Shark, Tiger

     Statue of Liberty ... 13'

                     Fiberglass Stars

  Tigers ... Leaping, Walking, and Reclining

            Big Tennis Shoe

   Tortoise Shell   for Playground

          Turtles ... various sizes

       Wildcats ... Prowling & Standing

               Roman Soldier

                       Fiberglass Wolves


         Electrical Wires rack

               Playground Turtle


Black Panther,close-mouth

Black Panther, Open-Mouthed

Milking Cow (interactive)



    Tortoise Shell for Playground

                6' Tennis Shoe

         Moose at L. A. Car Show



                    5' Heart

           Custom Statue

                       Caterpillar   11' long 

       Honey Bee  Table-top Model

     JR.     Dragster Fiberglass Body

         Cow;   Custom Paint Job

             8' Boots;   Custom Paint Job

                              Playground Turtle

                          Service Dogs

                     6'   Flamingo

     Popsicle melting

                        Big Bunny

  Ice Cream, dropped

                               8' Tall Skunk

     Cow and Calf at County Fair

      Christmas Display in Florida

    Buffalo on Fiberglass Rock Bases

           Popsicle Display!

    Reclining Cow in Playground!

                       Chef Pig!

             T Rex

      11' Shark on Display for Photo op


      Oversized Skunk Statues

        Walking Horse

     10'  Lighthouse

              5' tall Pig

                     4' Buffalo

10' Rearing Horse

      5' Buffalo on Rock

        Bald Eagles

     5' wide, 6" high Base

Golden Lion

         Blank Heart Statue

Dragons for Public Art Project

12' Fisherman Refurbish

                         6' tall Corn Cob

                   12' Tall Bull